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I don’t always see signs when I’m on the right path. I see a lot more when I’m not.


On the Road #25

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You might think you’re missing out on something, but you’re not. You might not know you believe this. You might not even recognize the low-level anxiety that accompanies it, but you will see the actions on the surface that suggest it’s happening. the incessant doing. lack of rest. lack of stillness. inability to be in the present. always planning, thinking ahead or behind. “shouldn’t I be doing something?” it might disguise itself as ambition or a type A personality or some other supposedly admirable trait. but in the end, it doesn’t serve you. you realize that when you try to stop. its exhausting. This applies to some of us.
But you’re okay. You’re not missing out. and as long as you think you are missing out, you wont be able to really enjoy the things you think you’re missing out on.
So realize you’re okay. You’re not missing out. settle in. then move or do from a place of peace instead of fear or anxiety. then everything you do will have a higher quality.

On the Road #24

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If you’re out there and you find yourself stuck in a place where you’re saying, “I just want to get out of here.” Stop for a moment and look around. Consider that there might be a better choice than leaving. This is where you are. Decide to stand. Not to run from this. “Here I am.”
Then you might feel the chills come over you, maybe from the inside out. Chances are that’s you changing vibrations. Switching from defense to offense. That’s your soul changing from retreating to expanding, back out to the place it should rightfully dwell. Somewhere between the edge of your skin and the edge of the universe.
Nobody tells you when to leave. Nobody scares you out of here. This is yours and you don’t make decisions from a survival mentality. You’re not the prey, you’re the predator. When you’re on the road.

#23 Hierarchy

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When you’re out there, be Brave. If you can’t, then be Courageous. If you can’t, then be Honest.

#21 Illogic

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SO maybe you’re out there. On the road. And you’re feeling beaten down and victimized and you’re wondering when things are going to start going your way.
I know you think that something out there around the next corner is going to fix this. I wish I could save the world from this feeling of victimization. We’re screwed! Somebody save us! along with this way of looking at life is the underlying belief, I am not responsible for this So it’s like: This happened. I didn’t do it. Somebody fix this. so I’m going to challenge you to do something illogical:

Take far more responsibility for the condition of the world than you are actually responsible for. Just for a moment, stand in the place of mankind as it’s representative, take responsibility for the condition of things, and apologize for what we have done. Can you even apologize in the place of the people who have hurt you? Something mysterious happens when you do this. not only does it feel like you are cleansing the world of some of it’s karma, you actually feel empowered to change it.
The responsibility that we have been trained to avoid is actually a key to our empowerment.

You can feel when you’re reaching. You can feel the weakness reaching out for strength. The emptiness reaching out for fulfillment. In possessions, relationships, and validation in general. Um, I’m not saying you should always do the opposite of what the emptiness and weakness is compelling you to do, I’m just saying, be aware of it. The outside solutions to emptiness and weakness aren’t real or true, even when they satisfy the pain. The problem with the solutions is that they reinforce the paradigm of “Inside problem: Outside solution.” And why get to the root of this “Inside Problem” if you can always find and “Outside solution”? We’re trying to move beyond that. The truth is “Inside solution: Shine.”
This isn’t a call to action, it’s a call to recognition. “Okay, I’m out of money and food and I’m hungry and that guy has food and I should ask him for some. I’m doing it again. Okay.”
Eventually you’ll find that reaching isn’t the answer. Flesh says, “Give me!” Spirit says, “I am.” Someone should write a book about that. Oh yeah, they did. It’s called Unblinding Light. don’t read it though. it’ll hurt your eyes.

Back out into the cold. Alone. Back into the wilderness. Where there are questions. Where they feed, barely. Eat, barely. Where the wind blows, sometimes good, sometimes bad. The sun shines. The rain falls. Not so you can learn how to defend against it. So you can discover you’re a part of it.

Back into the wilderness. Blue whales and bald eagles. Strengthened by everything they fear. The outsideness, fucked-upness. So many questions when the inside mind comes out here. As it tries to control this. Wrap itself around this. Leave it back in the cage with all the other bullshit you learned.