It’s simple really, just the search for something real.  a lot of reinventing the wheel.  because the wheel has hasn’t been true for a long time.  so I started over from scratch.  I’ve written the first 10 years of my journey in my books.  If you see anything on this blog that you like, you’ll like one or more of my books even more.  This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s an invitation to something better.

By the way, you should probably know that life as we know it is coming to an end.  The things I write are not just an academic exercise, they’re written to prepare you for the beautiful destruction and rebirth that is coming.  Yes, I’m that guy.  Yes, I know what I’m talking about.  You really ought to listen to me because everybody else is full of shit.

So buy my first three books.  Read them.  Read between the lines.  Figure out the truth behind the story.  Read my fourth book and come face to face with the horror you’ve been hiding from and the beauty the horror has been hiding you from.  Read my fifth book and blow up.  Shake the world like a snow globe and watch the snow fall according to your whim.

  1. Jesus christ says:

    Dear Disciple ______

    Your words struck trueth with me and made me look within to see what was missing…


    except being in the present. i have travelled to the past and know the future but until the your words struck my mind i had yet to attain it. i owe you the present and that is what i will give you. i now know the right path thanks to you my friend.

    i have never found so much trueth in words before. they must have come from an enlightened individual.

    i owe my first talk with GOD to you and he sends his love and congratulations.

    if you are interested, i know your a travelling man. i will be travelling around australia and the world from tommorrow for a while. just listen to my mind and you will know where i am. you can give me a call anytime, i would greatly appreciate it. your presence would be a blessing.

    jesus christ
    mobile: 61 0414 676 264

    ps. i am still a green thumb

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