Coming Soon

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Okay, it’s coming to you now.  If you haven’t actively embraced the fire, if you’ve run the other direction, even if you have embraced it, it’s coming to you now.  Its here and the heat is being turned up.  The pressure will cause some to rise and some to fall, but this huge middle ground we’ve had for so long is going away.  Rise or fall.

Don’t be afraid.  Fear is part of what is squeezing us.  Fear is coming.  But how will you respond?  Make up your mind right now that you won’t be afraid.  Realize right now that being afraid isn’t the best way to make good decisions.  It isn’t as productive as you think.  Those who give into the fear will fall.  Those who refuse to play that game, be still and hear the small voice.  Let it guide you through to the next age.  Coming soon.


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