Inscription at the Irvine Spectrum

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

You know that inscription on the ground at the Irvine Spectrum? Under the two arches marked by the left hand above them? You walk under one of the arches and on the ground is an inscription written in a spiral. It says something about there being a spell on all who enter there and something will come down out of the sky and grab the key in the middle of the inscription. Anyway, it’s some creepy shit. But guess what? That inscription has been dug up and replaced with regular stone or cement.

So here’s the question: shouldn’t you be able to find something about that on the internet? Google: Irvine Spectrum Inscription. you’ll get nothing. not in images or news or web. You would think that one of the millions of people who have been through there would have taken a picture and put it on line. But no one?


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