Bilderberg Group

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Congratulations! You’ve located the wicked elite conspiracy to take over the world, create a one-world government, and put all of mankind under their control. But there is something you’re missing:

People say to me, “Your journey seems like a fine way to spend your time (if you have the luxury and enjoy pain), but it seems selfish. Taking all of this time to work on yourself when you could be out making the world a better place. What does any of this have to do with solving the world’s problems?”

But what I’ve written about has everything to do with solving the world’s problems. In our current condition, we aren’t capable of making the world a better place. We’re part of the problem. We’re a product of this faulty system we’ve been born into, yet can not see. We may mean well, or think we mean well, but we are currently programmed to betray ourselves and each other, and we successfully execute this directive on a regular basis. It’s heart-breaking.

Before we can be trusted with the power to change things, we have to go through a metamorphosis. That means going through an awakening that, at times, feels like a fire. Burning away the lies and illusions that cloud our vision. Otherwise even those of us with the best intentions will keep repeating the painful and damaging cycle of history.

This isn’t 7-minute abs. I don’t know of any shortcuts. First, the purging that brings freedom and clarity. Then the power to change the world around us. First the death. Then the resurrection. But this purging isn’t just a means to a grander end. It’s for you, personally. So you can have happiness and every good thing in your life.

I know is sounds like some lofty attempt at spirituality, but I think you’ll be surprised how sober and clear this really is. How grounded and present and powerful it is to have our humanity restored to us. To sit down and watch the world spin around you and say, “I was born for this.”


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