On the Road #25

Posted: January 30, 2011 in On the Road Series, Uncategorized

You might think you’re missing out on something, but you’re not. You might not know you believe this. You might not even recognize the low-level anxiety that accompanies it, but you will see the actions on the surface that suggest it’s happening. the incessant doing. lack of rest. lack of stillness. inability to be in the present. always planning, thinking ahead or behind. “shouldn’t I be doing something?” it might disguise itself as ambition or a type A personality or some other supposedly admirable trait. but in the end, it doesn’t serve you. you realize that when you try to stop. its exhausting. This applies to some of us.
But you’re okay. You’re not missing out. and as long as you think you are missing out, you wont be able to really enjoy the things you think you’re missing out on.
So realize you’re okay. You’re not missing out. settle in. then move or do from a place of peace instead of fear or anxiety. then everything you do will have a higher quality.


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