#21 Illogic

Posted: January 20, 2011 in On the Road Series, Uncategorized

SO maybe you’re out there. On the road. And you’re feeling beaten down and victimized and you’re wondering when things are going to start going your way.
I know you think that something out there around the next corner is going to fix this. I wish I could save the world from this feeling of victimization. We’re screwed! Somebody save us! along with this way of looking at life is the underlying belief, I am not responsible for this So it’s like: This happened. I didn’t do it. Somebody fix this. so I’m going to challenge you to do something illogical:

Take far more responsibility for the condition of the world than you are actually responsible for. Just for a moment, stand in the place of mankind as it’s representative, take responsibility for the condition of things, and apologize for what we have done. Can you even apologize in the place of the people who have hurt you? Something mysterious happens when you do this. not only does it feel like you are cleansing the world of some of it’s karma, you actually feel empowered to change it.
The responsibility that we have been trained to avoid is actually a key to our empowerment.

  1. Damn! Layin’ it down!

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