#20 Give Me vs. I Am

Posted: January 19, 2011 in On the Road Series, Uncategorized

You can feel when you’re reaching. You can feel the weakness reaching out for strength. The emptiness reaching out for fulfillment. In possessions, relationships, and validation in general. Um, I’m not saying you should always do the opposite of what the emptiness and weakness is compelling you to do, I’m just saying, be aware of it. The outside solutions to emptiness and weakness aren’t real or true, even when they satisfy the pain. The problem with the solutions is that they reinforce the paradigm of “Inside problem: Outside solution.” And why get to the root of this “Inside Problem” if you can always find and “Outside solution”? We’re trying to move beyond that. The truth is “Inside solution: Shine.”
This isn’t a call to action, it’s a call to recognition. “Okay, I’m out of money and food and I’m hungry and that guy has food and I should ask him for some. I’m doing it again. Okay.”
Eventually you’ll find that reaching isn’t the answer. Flesh says, “Give me!” Spirit says, “I am.” Someone should write a book about that. Oh yeah, they did. It’s called Unblinding Light. don’t read it though. it’ll hurt your eyes.


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