Posted: January 15, 2011 in On the Road Series, Uncategorized

There are things out there that will threaten to kill you. Things in the dark places, within you and outside you. They threaten you because they don’t want you there. They tell you you’re not supposed to be there. Darkness is for darkness, not for you. You’re an outsider there and you will be treated accordingly. No rights. No protection. Now you’re on their turf and you’re going to suffer.
But none of that is true. The truth is that they are trying to keep you from your birthright. The Valley of the Shadow of Death. It’s yours. And the only reason it’s so dark there is because you haven’t shined the light there yet. And it’s packed with treasure that you can’t find anywhere else. So don’t let anything tell you there is a such thing as “off limits”. There are no off-limits. When it’s time to go, there is no place you can’t go…when it’s time to go. Once you’ve tasted the treasures that the dark places are hiding, you’ll find yourself searching out those things that scream the loudest at you because you know the barking dogs are hiding something tasty.


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