#14 The Rhythm

Posted: January 14, 2011 in On the Road Series, Uncategorized

There is a beating drum. You can hear it sometimes out there on the road. It’s a relentless pounding. Not always loud. It’s often soft and deep like an earthquake. Equally undeniable and inescapable. And you might think it’s trying to drive you crazy, but it’s not. And I think you know that. It’s trying to drive you sane. Straight into the grips of sanity. Batshit crazy sanity. It’s trying to lead you there with a rhythm that gets you out of your head and your programming and reintroduces you to the source of all life. The rhythm of the Creator. And you can tell by the pounding that it’s unstoppable and invincible. There is nothing it can’t breakthrough, overturn, or set right.
It isn’t the enemy of anything, it doesn’t need to be. Something this deep and eternal has no enemies. But sometimes, like with a dormant volcano or empty river bed, things set themselves up within the ancient path of its flow. This is ignorance and sometimes arrogance. They would certainly say the rhythm is their enemy but the rhythm is just the rhythm. And when it decides to flow, it flows where it chooses. If things get destroyed, blame the fools who built things in its path.
Feel free to move to this rhythm. It’ll get you. Maybe wake you up at night and ask you for a dance. It’s coming for us all, and we’ve built some things in its path that will be destroyed. But none of those things are us, so enjoy the ride.


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