On the Road #10

Posted: January 13, 2011 in On the Road Series, Uncategorized

You’re out there. It’s different than being in here. It’s learning to walk for the first time. If you knew how to do this perfectly, you probably wouldn’t be doing it or need to. You’d probably be doing something even more crazy. This isn’t a rule to live by. Just something to think about. You’re going to screw this up, but screwing up isn’t screwing up. In fact, I don’t even know if quitting is screwing up. I’m not sure you can screw this up.
Don’t let perfection be you’re standard out on the road, whatever that means. Allow some ugly things to come out. Cowardice, frustration, self-pity, anxiety. shit happens, man. and it happens a lot more out there because the road is a beautiful fire.
But what is revealed is so amazing. You might find yourself disappointed in what lies beneath your shiny veneer, but you’ll be really encouraged to find what lies beneath the mess that lies beneath the shiny veneer. You’re going to impress yourself out there. You’re going to be encouraged by what you find in you sometimes. Allow the successes and failures to motivate you to the same end: pressing on toward the goal that is before you, even if that goal is stillness, rest, or the realization that there is nothing to achieve. It all depends on you and you’re journey and where you happen to be.


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