On the Road #6

Posted: January 10, 2011 in On the Road Series, Uncategorized

When you’re on the road, you might have the strangest feeling that you’ve been to this place before or met these people before. You can’t really make sense of this feeling. Like it happened in another lifetime or in a dream. You’ve had dreams about this before, but you can’t remember them. only that somehow this experience is as much a memory as it is a moment. it makes you feel like you’re on the right track. some ancient path that you’re fears or judgments have been hiding from you. Something familiar and true. Like you’re waking up, but to what? it’s yet to be determined. but who really cares? It doesn’t matter what you’re waking up to, only that you’re waking up. It can happen in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or next to a river. I won’t give you any more examples because I want them to be you’re own spontaneous experiences. I’m not trying to write the Bible here. So look up from the text and live.


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