#22 Broken Hearts

Posted: January 8, 2011 in On the Road Series, Uncategorized

Being on the road is hard enough without enduring a broken heart. So when you’re on the road be careful who you love and why you’re loving them and if it’s love at all. Human interaction can be especially blinding out there. You might find yourself attracted to people you normally wouldn’t be. Chances are it’s an escape from the pain of loneliness, and a fine escape it is. But when it’s over and reality comes crashing down on you, the loneliness will be worse than before because it will most likely be compounded by rejection,even if you’re the one walking away.
I know you think you’re in control. Maybe even think you’re holding the cards. But you’d be surprised to find out the truth. So don’t cling to relationships out there. if you find yourself clinging to a relationship, ask yourself Why. What am I missing here. What does this say about me. Am I getting caught up in the very think I walked away from when I came out here?
The road is a fire. Don’t be mad about that, just accept it for what it is. Everything out here is magnified. It’s magical and unrelenting. So go ahead and have experiences, but the relationships built on desperation will be the highest and lowest because they’re built on illusion that says You’re not okay.
Live it up, but try to steer clear of a broken heart and breaking hearts.

  1. dawn says:

    I’m thinking you’re doing most of the breaking. ; )

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