On The Road #2

Posted: January 5, 2011 in On the Road Series, Uncategorized

You’re not the only one on the road. And when you meet others, they may or may not be doing what you’re doing. They might look like you and talk like you and smell like you. they might have the same stare or glare or distance or loneliness or excitement. But that doesn’t mean they’re the same. Spend a little time with them and you’ll find out. It doesn’t take long to make the distinction between those who are out there because they lost it all and those who are out there because they gave it all away. Those who are running from something and those who are running toward something. In the end, they’re all people and that’s good. but that doesn’t mean they would make healthy partners or that they have the same spirit. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is who, but that’s okay. It’s not your job to categorize people and judge them. Just do what you do and let them do what they do. Life is good.


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