When all else fails

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

The other day I met the man that controls the world. I asked him how he does it. How he gets people under his control. He said:
“I do whatever it takes. I lie to them overtly, right to their face. I lie to them covertly so they own the lie as a conclusion they came up with themselves. I use their own experiences to make them afraid. Then the fear they use to protect themselves keeps them in a loop of victimization. I antagonize them into playing my game. I intimidate them into playing the game. When they see it’s a game, I tell them it’s hopeless; there is nothing else but this game. And when nothing else works, when all else fails, I just give them what they want.”

  1. Name says:

    Powerful. This information is clearly leaked.

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