Chinese noodle shops

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s a good bar in Davis. The right lighting. It shares a little courtyard with a couple of Chinese noodle shops and a Thai restaurant. The DJ is playing the kind of old school hip hop and r&b that I like to hear so I dance around my table and spill a beer on my new friend. Somehow, she always ends up with beer on her. It’s freezing out. Windy, central California night. Davis is surrounded by flat farmlands, and too far inland to maintain moderate coastal temperatures. And it’s a clear night tonight, so it’s in the 30’s, And the heat lamps really aren’t helping much.
“I know what you’re saying is true,” She says sitting bundled up next to the DJ table under a heat lamp. “About me and God and oneness and love. I just don’t want to accept it.”
“Then don’t.” I say, grooving and smiling like a madman. “Run away. I dare you. Go as fast and far as you can. See if you can get away from it. See if you can go someplace where this won’t track you down!”

  1. name says:

    …then what?

  2. bobby says:

    then stop and take a breath and run some more, then stop and convince yourself that ignorance is bliss, then run, then stop and face the truth… now run!

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