Posted: November 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ever feel like a cheap Chinese motorcycle is the answer to all of your problems?
Then maybe you’re not empty enough. Not hurting enough. Not stuck in that place between materialism and enlightenment that creates the pain of living in neither world. Maybe you haven’t let go of enough. Or maybe you’re not lost enough. Or maybe your just not the kind of person that needs to test the mettle of a $400 Chinese motorcycle by subjecting it to a 900-mile road trip through Texas and into New Mexico. maybe you don’t have to push everything to it’s limits to find out if it deserves to be discarded or respected.
I’m back in Houston again. I came back to deliver some art work from Santa Fe. Autumn is slowly arriving. The cool morning air on the stretch of road south of Amarillo is a good sign. I have to get this car back to Albuquerque by one o’clock, so that means an unusually early start. If I’m going to drive with the windows down with the sun barely rising at my back, I’m going to need a sweatshirt.
I see a lot of sunsets, but not a lot of sunrises. Maybe that’s the problem. New beginnings scare me. So much uncertainty. Others see possibility. Stop being afraid.

  1. name says:

    What the hell is going on here?

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