I had a dream

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

The game. The game, the game, the game. why stop playing if you’re winning?

I had a dream: I was playing a slot machine at a Vegas casino. I kept winning over and over again. Coins were pouring out of the machine pretty much as fast as I could play. I was winning the game. But the coins were so low in value that no matter how much I won, it couldn’t come close to making up for the time I spent playing the game. But I couldn’t walk away. How do you walk away when you’re winning? I needed to win. So I anxiously kept playing this slot machine that I couldn’t seem to lose. and it paid me for playing. I kept hoping that at some point I would win something that would make all of this worth my time. I suddenly felt a deep sense of remorse for all the time I had wasted winning. Such an overwhelming tragedy. Good night.


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