Excerpt from Escape Velocity

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Do you know who we am?
Just One that will stand
And a tornado is just wind
and a fist an active hand

  1. I have a life, it’s called Thursday night comedies on NBC.

  2. You should learn how to spell if you’re going to insult me.

  3. Oh, yeah, cause that’s the point.

  4. name says:

    fuck you!

  5. Bobby Zesto says:

    I read your book and my wife left me! I did everything it said and now I’m homeless. she even took the dog and my pillow. I broke a shoelace and I cannot afford to replace it because I’m broke and jobless! What kind of inhumane, insensitive manipulator are you?

    Will she ever come back? Can I ever repair my life or am I doomed?

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