No Mind

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

What are you worried about?  What is there to think about?  You wanna come back to this?  Step back into the servitude?  This slavery?  Yes, sir.  No, sir.  Right away sir! Who is this guy anyway?  This thing calling the shots.  Forcing you to work for him; the only payment being something that is supposed to be free in the first place.

So what is there to think about?  The only reason you could possibly be worried right now is if you’re double-minded.  Uncommitted.  If you’ve got one foot in each world thinking you’ve got a back-up plan incase this whole freedom thing doesn’t work out.  If it doesn’t pay the bills.  Then you can go back to slavery.  You can serve these other gods.  The ones who want everything from you and give you nothing.  The ones  who will work you do death, throw away your body, and start again with your children.

Do you want to go back to being  a battery that powers a world that will enslave you’re children?  Come on, man!  You know this is all coming  down.  It’s all going to fall.  So pick a side, you son of a bitch.  And ride it until you die…or live.


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