King’s Dominion

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

There’s nothing left for me in DC.  It didn’t take long to figure it out.  I should have left it alone.  In the pre 9-11 condition immortalized in my mind.

Driving south toward Durham, NC.  Three girls from Duke are going to let me crash on their couch tonight.  It’s a plush, green couch.  That’s all I really know.

Passing through Virginia I stumble upon an exit that says King’s Dominion and Camping.  It sounds interesting.  I pull off the freeway.  The off ramp turns into a dedicated road that, for some reason, only I occupy.  Now that I’m on this road, there are no turns to be made.  There’s only one way to go; forward.  The road leads one place, and now that it’s brought me here, the road has ended at King’s Dominion.  But it isn’t a campground like I thought it would be.  It’s an amusement park.

At the end of the short, empty road, I turn into the neighboring motel parking lot.  I park my car and step into the sprawling amusement park parking lot.  I begin walking toward the gates.  The arched parking entrance is built and ready to welcome all visitors.  The vast parking expanse is well paved.  It’s properly graded for rain, and it’s painted with uniformly white lines.  Orange pylons are set up to guide traffic in an organized fashion.  Awnings have been erected to shade the visitors waiting for trams to pick them up and take them to the entrance.  I stand in the middle of the parking lot looking at the posts and chains, and paint on the ground.  The pylons, the structures, and the graded surface.  The infrastructure is all in place, but there are no cars here.

As I move through the parking lot closer to the entrance, roller coasters fill more of the sky.  I begin hearing the faint sound of music playing.  Approaching the entrance I’m now surrounded by the world of King’s Dominion.  The sound of music surrounds me.  The roller coasters are well maintained and painted with vivid colors.  There are lively roller coasters with names like The Thriller, The Grizzly, and The Berserker.  There are water rides and a tidal pool and little cartoon rides for kids of all ages.  There are restaurants and snack bars.  Live shows and souvenir shops.  But there’s no one here.  The music is playing, and the rides are built, but there’s no one here.


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